House Churches and Small Groups

While gathering together for worship, teaching, communion and prayer is important, we believe spiritual growth best happens when doing life alongside others. We need people around us to encourage, challenge, and support us as we allow God to transform us. We also recognize that there are times we need different groups of people around us for different seasons in life. Therefore, we meet together in various types of small groups. While some are long-term groups, others meet for specific periods of times for specific purposes.

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House Churches

House Churches are long-term small groups that meet regularly to encourage spiritual growth and healthy relationships. Many are intergenerational while others are comprised of those in similar life stages. They are often the place where what is taught on Sundays is explored, discussed and applied.

House Churches are available in Saline and Pulaski county, and are the best way to experience body life at Little Rock Church.

Short-term Groups

There are times when you need support and encouragement from others for different purposes. Therefore, short-term small groups form as needed throughout the year for different reasons.

To receive more information about House Churches or our short-term groups, please fill out the form below, email Ryland Brown (, or call 501-455-0900.

House Church/Small Group