Titus 2 Sister Registration

Please register by July 22nd!

Register to become a Titus 2 Sister!

Our Titus 2 Ministry seeks to help connect our older women (T2 Moms) with our younger ladies (T2 Sisters) in small groups. These groups consist of 3-4 T2 Moms and 8-9 T2 Sisters. The goal of these groups is to help move beyond surface level interactions between generations into deep relationships that help us all become more like Christ. Groups meet in a T2 Mom’s home once a month to share a meal, friendship, fellowship, and Bible study.

A Titus 2 Sister is a single woman, a wife and/or mother with children still in her home, or a single mom with children in her home. A T2 Sister agrees to a 9 month commitment from September through May. She will be the guest of honor in a Titus 2 Mom’s home along with other young women and enjoy Christian hospitality through a meal, friendship, fellowship and Bible study.

Titus 2 Sister Registration Form

  • If this is your first year, you may submit one other Titus 2 Sister's name who you would like in your small group. Note that We may not be able to fulfill all requests due to group size.
  • I understand that I have a responsibility when registering as a participant in this Titus 2 Ministry. I will be a Titus 2 Sister who enjoys the hospitality of my Titus 2 Moms. I will do my best to show courtesy and respect by my consistent attendance. If I cannot attend a meeting, I will give at least 24 hour notice to my Titus 2 Moms, in order to allow time for adjustment for meal preparations and other arrangements.