Titus 2 Ministry

Our Titus 2 Ministry seeks to help connect our older women (T2 Moms) with our younger ladies (T2 Sisters) in small groups. The groups (which remain the same throughout the school year) will consist of 2 Moms and 5 sisters at the most this year due to Covid-19. The goal of these groups is to help move beyond surface level interactions between generations into deep relationships that help us all become more like Christ. Groups will be flexible with where and when they meet this year, as well. All planning and preparation will be done by the Moms, but they will make sure that everyone in the groups is comfortable with the place of meeting.

A Titus 2 Sister is any woman out of high school, young married, married with children in your home or single with or without children. A T2 Sister agrees to a 9 month commitment from September through May.To register, fill out the form below. The registration deadline will be Sunday, August 9th. 

Women's Ministry Titus 2 Registration 2020

  • If you would like, you may submit one other Titus 2 Sister's name who you would like in your small group. Note that we may not be able to fulfill all requests due to group size.
  • I understand that I have a responsibility when registering as a participant in this Titus 2 Ministry. I will be a Titus 2 Sister who enjoys the hospitality of my Titus 2 Moms. I will do my best to show courtesy and respect by my consistent attendance. If I cannot attend a meeting, I will give at least 24 hour notice to my Titus 2 Moms, in order to allow time for adjustment for meal preparations and other arrangements.