Jordan in Angola

Jordan Yarbrough is part of a long-term mission team of Americans, made up of nine adults and five children, who are called to partner with Angolan Christians to start new churches in Angola, Africa.  Though the Angola Team focuses on the creation of new churches and leadership training, Jordan and another team nurse, Teague Meyer, use their medical skills for service in the community. There are no existing mission works in Huambo, so medical outreach begins with community healthcare teaching and expands as needed.

LRC is her sponsoring congregation, and she also receives support from other individuals and churches.

Jordan is a registered nurse (Harding 2006), and her missionary experiences include a summer at an African mission hospital and short-term medical mission trips to Mexico.

Angola’s current generation grew up in a war-ravaged country amid constant conflict. After winning their war for independence from Portugal in the mid-70s, Angola plunged into civil war that lasted until 2002. The rural and agricultural communities all but died out as Angolans fled to cities for protection. Due to these dense population gatherings, Angola is a largely urban nation, and Portuguese is spoken by almost everyone. The church all but disappeared during the war, and a new generation is now seeking peace and security. Their hearts are open and ready to receive God. They just need someone to share the Gospel.

With the help of Mission Resource Network and other mentors, the Angola Mission Team began preparations for their work in 2007.

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