Starting New Churches

Lynn Cook and the Arkansas Church Planting Network

For over twenty years Lynn Cook and his family served on the staff of LRC.  In the spring of 2015, Lynn’s commitment to starting new churches in Arkansas became his full-time ministry.

Today Lynn Cook is the executive director of Arkansas Church Planting Network (ACPN).  Like planting a seed in the soil and nurturing it’s growth to a productive plant, to  “plant” a church is do the of forming a new congregation.

Lynn says the aim of ACPN is straightforward:  to build a movement of churches who start new congregations in the state of Arkansas and the mid-south region. ACPN aims to cooperate with God to start new churches in Arkansas and the neighboring states.  ACPN achieves its work through partnerships with established churches, church planting ministries, new congregations and church planters.

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