The Season of Advent

The book of Genesis begins with God speaking His creation into existence. It establishes that God was with His creation and walked among the GARDEN with Adam and Eve. The fall introduced sin and ruined our own walk with God. As the Bible continues, it tells us of the longing of God’s people to be rescued. Exodus, a story to be rescued from Pharaoh and Egypt.  Judges, a story to be rescued from our own desires. The book Psalm, poems and laments poured out before God for us to be delivered from “enemies,” “the wicked,” and those “who seek my life.” Even the history from 1 and 2 Samuel and the 2 books of Kings continue this theme to be rescued. Together they tell the story of a nation who chose men to be king, instead of their God to be king. 2 Kings may end their story in captivity, which again, has the people of God crying out for rescue, and even more than rescue, for redemption. Meaning that they not only want to be pulled out of captivity, they desire to have the presence of God among them again. 

The presence of God appears, is born into creation, and it is not what was desired from the people. But it is how God chose to be with His people. Immanuel. The four Gospels give witness to Jesus. They tell stories of his miracles, they tell us how people were amazed at his teaching, they tell us stories of His stories. We see, hear, touch and even taste how Jesus walked among His people. Redemption. But not through his life or his miracles, but through His Death. His own lament. His own crying out recorded from the GARDEN. And it is through this, His death, resurrection, and ascension, that God was active in not just rescuing but redeeming His people. 

That is where we find ourselves in the story this season of Advent. Not only desiring rescue, but redemption. Being in the presence of God. A desire for God to be with us. A desire for God to walk among the GARDEN once more. A desire to see Him in the lives of others. A desire to see all of this, all of his Creation redeemed with His second coming.

The Season of Advent starts this Sunday, November 28th.  

May you come with hearts pouring out your laments to be rescued.

May you come with eyes seeing the story of redemption before you.

May your heart reveal your longing as we cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus.”