The Tenth Plague

Exodus 12 1. Why did God require a mark on the door? Didn't He know where the Israelites live? 2. Why was this rescue moment to be such a defining…

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The Final Plague Threatened

Exodus 11 - The Final Plague Threatened 1. What would you tell a friend who said this plague was not morally right for God to do? 2. How would you…

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The Sixth Plague – Boils

Exodus 9:8-12  - Discussion Questions How were the magicians not being able to stand, significant to the story? How does God's purpose in the plagues--that people would know that He is Yahweh--represent the…

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The Fifth Plague

Discussion Questions Exodus 9:1-7 -  The Fifth Plague 1. Why is the love of money such a problem for people? 2. What is something in Exodus 9:1-7 that surprises you?…

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Exodus 8:20-32 Let’s Make a Deal

Discussion Questions Exodus 8:20-32 1. Read verse 25 and notice that Pharaoh wants to compromise God's command by keeping the Israelites in the land. What reasons did Moses give in…

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Hindsight is 20/20.

Exodus 8:16-19 - Hindsight is 20/20. 1. Pharaoh's idols were more than just statues; his idols were about what he worshiped. What modern idols do we worship? 2. How does…

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