Russ White

Obedience and Celebration

Discussion Questions Why did God command Joshua to circumcise the Israelites? (Joshua 5:2; Gen 17:9-14; Exodus 12:43-49) Circumcision was a sign of the covenant between God and His people. What…

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Discussion Questions 1.       Who are three of the most joyful people that you know? What makes these people so joyful? 2.       What are three of your greatest challenges for living a daily…

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The Important Commandments

Discussion Questions 1. Why do you think a teacher of the law asked Jesus what was the most important commandment? Do you suspect the teacher had some underlying meaning for…

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Unfaithfulness in Relationships

Discussion Questions 1. Discuss as a group: “religious rituals do not replace spiritual devotion.” How does someone know if they are doing something out of habit or devotion? (vs 12b-13)…

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