Ryland Brown

Do Not Judge

This message was preached on July 12, 2020 as part of our Sermon on the Mount series. The text is Matthew 7:1-6, primarily focusing on Jesus' command to "not judge."…

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How to Treat Other People

This message was from our online service on 7-5-20, looking at how Jesus wants us to treat other people. Easier said than done! In a world marked by instability, Jesus…

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Jesus’ Passion: Faithfulness

It might be easy to think that the greatest aim in life is self-preservation.  That our goal is to preserve and fight for our freedoms, liberties and rights.  However, what…

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Jesus’ Passion: Betrayal

In John 18:1-11, John paints a picture for us of the paradox of God.  What does it look like for Jesus' followers to live under suffering?  Join us as we…

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Will Jesus Be Your Neighbor?

Ryland Brown explores the possibility that the primary goal of these stories in the text is not for us to be a good neighbor, but Jesus is our neighbor.  He…

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Jesus is coming to your house.

In this sermon, Ryland Brown explores the encounter Zaccheus, a chief tax collector and what made Jesus irresistible to him. This story shows us obstacles Zaccheus had in seeing Jesus…

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