Don’t Worry!

April 28, 2019 / Ryland Brown

Don’t Worry!

Date: April 28, 2019

Series: Celebration

Scripture: John 14:1-11

Discussion Questions

Getting Started
  • What are places that feel like home to you?
  • Describe the home you grew up in.
Digging Deep
  • Why is Jesus not talking about anxiety disorders?
  • Why is Jesus’ promise to prepare a place for us something that can keep us from being troubled?
  • How easy it for you to accept that Jesus is the only way to God?
Making It Real
  • How does Jesus being the only way to God create a sense of urgency for our mission?
  • Who are the people you’re praying for that they would make their eternal home with Jesus?

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April 28, 2019

Don’t Worry!