Key Scripture: Luke 9:37-45

House Church Discussion Questions

  1. Read Luke 9:28-43.  What do you think it was like for Peter, James, and John to experience the transfiguration on the mountain and then the problems they experienced down the mountain?
  2. Why is Jesus’ reaction in verse 41 so strong?
  3. Read Matthew 17:21.  What do prayer and fasting have to do with casting out demons?  Do prayer and fasting force God to heal someone?
  4. Verse 43 says they were “all astonished at the majesty of God.”  In what ways have you experienced in the majesty of God in your own life and the lives of others?  Why is experiencing God’s work important for followers of Jesus?
  5. In verse 45 Luke says the disciples were afraid to ask Jesus about Him being delivered into the hands of men.  Why do you think they were afraid and is there anything you are afraid to ask God?  Does following Jesus with full obedience bring any feelings of nervousness?