Read Ephesians 5:1-17 and then consider the following questions

  1. In his book, Mere Christianity, CS Lewis makes this statement: “All sorts of people are fond of repeating the statement ‘God is love,’… but often they really mean ‘Love is God’”. Do you find this to be true of our culture today?
  2. Looking to Ephesians 5 and throughout the New Testament, what are some characteristics of God’s “Agape” love?
  3. What role does sacrifice play in loving God and loving others?
  4. How would you respond to a Christian who lives in constant fear of being outside of God’s “good graces” because of a failure to live a perfect moral life?
  5. In God’s true reality, we are all being “awakened” from our sleep to come more and more into eternal life with Him. What are some areas in which God has transformed your heart since your early days as a Christ follower?
  6. Read verses 15-16 again. What are some practical ways you could “redeem the time” or “make the most of every opportunity” in your daily walk this week?