House Church Discussion Questions

1. Share a time when you had great expectations for something (a gift, an event) or the coming of a friend/family member to visit.

2. Take turns sharing words that capture the emotions of those who saw Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

3. If you had been there, what group (be honest now) do you believe you would have been most likely to have identified with during the entry (shouting Hosanna with the crowd; a worried/confused follower who had just heard Jesus predict his death; a religious person suspicious of Jesus claims; a civic or religious leader worried that the entry could bring chaos and Roman intervention; a cynic who has seen other would be kings die on crosses, or ….).

4. The crowd called out Hosanna which means, “save us.” What has He saved you from? What do you need saving from today?

5. What does that mean to you for Jesus to be your King? (e.g. for your daily life? Your relationship with government? With co-workers? Your family?)