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More Like Jesus

January 28, 2018 / Ryland Brown

More Like Jesus

Date: January 28, 2018

Series: Little Rock Church - Mission. Vision. Purpose.

Topics: Sanctification, Spiritual Formation

Discussion Questions

1. Have you heard of the phrase “Spiritual Formation” before? What comes to mind?

2. Read Hebrews 12:1-2 and look at the different parts of the passage. See Hebrews 11 to get a picture of the “great cloud of witnesses.” How we are to run the race set before us? What do we keep in our view? What did he go through and what perspective can this give us when we suffer?

3. What are some difficult times in life you have had to live through that have made you more like Jesus? What about joyful times?

4. How can we encourage one another to remember that our spiritual formation is a life-long process? What can we say to ourselves and other followers of Christ who continue to struggle with temptation and sin?

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January 28, 2018

More Like Jesus