What Do You See?

Discussion Questions 1. How has your life changed because of belief in the resurrection? 2. If you don't believe in the resurrection of Jesus, what are some of the roadblocks…

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The Past, Present and Future.

Discussion Questions 1. How does Paul describe a pre-Christian status in Ephesians 2:1-3?​ 2. How do you think a typical unbeliever today would respond to this description of a non-Christian?…

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Confused. Clarity. Challenged.

Discussion Questions 1. Why is the bodily resurrection of Jesus critical to the Christian faith? 2. In the three scenes in verses 1-29, all confused parties were given clarity to…

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Easter 2017

Mark 16:1-8. "Don't Be Alarmed!" 1. Why is the resurrection critical to the truth of Christianity? 2. How is Jesus' resurrection different from Lazarus' resurrection in John 11? 3. What's…

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