Can God be Trusted?

Discussion Questions 1. Since there is a definitive amount of time each of us gets to live in this world, do you have a "bucket list" of things you'd like…

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God is Unexpected

Discussion Questions 1. Have you ever looked around and thought that the wicked were prospering and the righteous were being mistreated? How did you respond? 2. How is it comforting…

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Unfaithfulness in Relationships

Discussion Questions 1. Discuss as a group: “religious rituals do not replace spiritual devotion.” How does someone know if they are doing something out of habit or devotion? (vs 12b-13)…

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Worship and the Word.

House Church Discussion Questions Do you have a memorable sermon or lesson that impacted your life?  If you were part of a church body growing up, do you remember any sermons…

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Worthless Worship

Discussion Questions 1. Who is someone you admire for their devotion to their craft? What would your worship look like if it reflected such devotion? 2. What are some characteristics…

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God’s Alarm Clock

Discussion Questions What's your alarm clock like? Are you able to be gently woken up or do you need a loud siren? Has it always been this way? Have there…

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